Services provided by OEX BEATS

OEX BEATS has a wealth of knowledge in music production, sound and recording, and digital file management with many years of know-how.
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Making Custom Beats

Are you looking for a cool beat to empower my voice? OEX BEATS produces various styles of hip-hop / R&B beats with decades of know-how!

Vintage Mic

Recording & Directing

The recording environment is not good? Are you too lonely to record alone?
OEX BEATS works in conjunction with small project-class vocal recording studios to provide a compliant level of recording.


Mixing & Mastering

Hard-made music, will you come to the end and ruin it? OEX BEATS provides excellent mixing and mastering services at an affordable price.

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Sheet Music

Beat-making Training

OEX BEATS' beatmaking training is a great solution for aspiring producers as well as amateur artists who still don't understand music!

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